NamibiaÔÇÖs top ten entertainment scandals

Namibia is relatively young country at 26 years as a nation with just over 2.4 million people, but we have had our fair share of somewhat earth shattering (for some) scandals that have left either our heads reeling or our cheeks burning from laughter. This week Metro took a walk down memory lane to sum up some of the most ‘memorable’ scandal moments in Namibia in the entertainment circles.
10. The Dogg fight
In 2012 while at a former nightclub in Windhoek The Dogg got into a brawl that left him scared and stitched up, leaving some female fans in tears at the loss of his somewhat good looks, but now some four odd years on after the incident audiences have become accustomed to the scar. Media articles speculated the fight started as a result of the other party feeling insulted by the kwaito artist, while fans insisted it was all a plot by the fans of his then kwaito rival.
09. Dillish’s sex tape
The famed sex tape leaked early in 2014 and has since been long forgotten but unfortunately it left the young businesswoman’s on again off again boyfriend as the pun of many jokes, with people not failing to mention how he allegedly lacks a few inches in some crucial department of the human anatomy.
08. Nguvi-gate
2016 started of memorably as images and videos of Nguvi Mberirua standing in the marital home of Namcor head Imms Mulunga in her pyjamas while being confronted by Mulunga’s wife made the rounds. In typical Namibian style images and videos circulated quicker than a wild fire, with allegations of adultery and payment for Bushiri tickets quick in tow. People took to social media to not only spread the news, but platforms such as Twitter saw the name of young Nguvi being dragged through the proverbal mud, not to mention the parenting skills of Sonia being called into question as she had allegedly left her 18-month old daughter while vacationing in London. Many allegations still surround the scandal, but to date the mudslinging has subsided.
07. Exit impregnates school girl
Media reports in a local publication state that Kwaito hit maker Exit is responsible for impregnating a school going child. To date no statement has been made by the artist to either deny or acknowledge the claims, with the report stating that Exit artist and the girl’s family have agreed to an amount of N$500 to be paid monthly by the artist. In this economy one wonders what difference such an amount will make in the girl or the expected child’s lives as diapers already take up more than half that amount and the mother’s future all but ruined.
06. Elvo and Luvy divorce
Elvo is one of the best producers in the industry to date, while she was well on her way to becoming one of Namibia’s top songstresses. Unfortunately in 2012 the couple called their 13-year relationship quits, which saw her moving back to her native home of South Africa. What puts this divorce on our radar are the rumours that did the rounds before their divorce was announced, with many speculating that Luvy who worked for Gazza Music Productions at the time was allegedly engaged in adulterous relations with the production head, Gazza.
05. Lady May’s infamous good night
The 2011 Namibia Annual Music Awards were nothing short of DRAMATIC!! Audiences saw it as the year their favourite female artist Lady May finally got to walk away with much deserved awards, but unfortunately the gods had something else in store for us. During an acceptance speech Lady May unwittingly put an abrupt pause to what was to be a great pay day with the use of just three words “good night mu#$%#*”. Those three words saw her music not being played by national broadcaster NBC for over a year. Now years later at the recent awards ceremony audiences took to social media to speculate about whether or not the artist wore undergarments.
04. Hella’s drama
She allegedly ended up in hospital after she was assaulted by the kwaito artist and the assault led to Hella calling her relationship with Mushe quits. To the amusement of most some two/ three years later socialite turned business woman Hella is still adamant on bashing the artist on her social networking platforms, with the latter occasionally responding and throwing “shade” of his own.
03. The Dogg’s autobiography
This book tells the life story of the kwaito king, but most of all it shines light on the biggest feud to hit the music industry since its inception, with the artist giving audiences his perspective on the events that led to the Mshasho/GMP feud that swept the nation. In the book he refers to Gazza as being “feminine”, not to mention the number of publicity stunts staged by the GMP camp in an attempt to show a united front. Makes one wonder how the two managed to work on the recent SWAPO album or was the big pay day enough of a motivator.
02. The Dogg and Gazza beef
As previously mentioned this beef tore music lovers apart. Audiences saw blood being shed by fans from both camps as GMP and Mshasho could not see eye to eye and the monopoly of awards between the two year in and year out did not help to ease tensions. As the two camps have become less violent towards each other so have the fans began acknowledging their love for the difference in the two camps music.
01. Yt De Wet murder/suicide
One of the biggest shocks to not just the entertainment industry, but to Namibia as a whole was the 2012 shooting by Yt De Wet. The incident saw the famed artist shooting his girlfriend and then turning the gun on himself and ending his life. It’s one of the first cases of what has now become deemed passion killings that most people are familiar with and unfortunately we as a society are still fighting to stop it.