Elderly man nabbed for arson

Hendrick Coetzee, 59, is not only homeless now but he also has to prove his innocence to the Katutura Magistrate Court following his arrest two weeks ago.
Coetzee was nabbed from Khomasdal two weeks ago after he allegedly set alight the house at Erf 189, Komolyn Street, Khomasdal and almost burnt it to the ground. The house belongs to a man only described as Mr Chika. However, Coetzee also lived at the house. Mr Chika laid arson charges against the old man for almost burning his house to the ground on 1st this month.
Coetzee was only apprehended a day later when the police tracked him down in Khomasdal. The man had to be in police custody for eight days before he was granted a N$3000 bail on conditions that he does not come into contact with Mr Chika.
The old man was told to return to court on 17 April this year as his case is still being investigated.