WendyÔÇÖs Creations bringing you your dream event

In the year 2000 Windeline Kausiona won the top award for the Namibian Young Entrepreneurship Competition. That recognition encouraged her to remain focused and now 16 years later she is the proud owner of Wendy’s Creations.
The journey has been hard for the entrepreneur having to prove to not only friends and family but clients that she was the right person to entrust to make their special occasions memorable.
“In 2005, I planned, designed and coordinated my own wedding and showcased my passion and ability to my family and friends. I did several voluntary event coordination and décor set-ups after that,” said Wendy.
With every voluntary event she did she realised more and more that she enjoyed the rush that came with making peoples dreams for their events come true, and that is what led to her eventually starting her own company
“It took me five years after I won the competition to start Wendy’s Creations.  I did not have the required credit worthy status back than for any financial institution to fund my business idea,” said Wendy.
Wendy went on to add that despite the financial challenge, she kept pushing and instead decided to sacrifice a portion of her monthly income to purchase items she needed to bring smiles to brides faces.
She felt it did not matter how much she was spending to impress her clients, but instead she chose to focus on making her dream a reality and understanding that to generate money one also has to spend money.
“Getting people to trust you with their most important day’s activities, was another challenge. Well, like the old saying goes, “trust is earned”. Against all odds I have earned the trust of many clients. This did not come easy either. It came through sacrifices, loses, going extra miles for every single client, being principled and constantly being innovative is what bringing clients to our door is,” said Wendy.
Having planed a number of events already Wendy lists her top three as her own wedding; her friend’s wedding in 2007, that saw her friend intrusting Wendy with her biggest day despite having no referrals; a 2010 wedding that will always remain memorable as it was her first paid event.
Wendy went on to add that although she struggles to find a balance between spending time with her family and her work, she does her best to spend time with them during weekend when she has no events scheduled.
“We close officially for festive season, so I try to make-up for time lost during the year in the 2 weeks of holiday, which is not enough. Otherwise, the whole family is involved in planning and execution of events from town to town and lodge to lodge,” said Wendy.
To be a good entrepreneur Wendy emphasises that one needs to know what they want to achieve with their business and plan to achieve it.
But above all one should know they are not the only one in their chosen industry so it should be of the utmost importance to be constantly innovative and remain relevant.
Wendy went on to add that an entrepreneur should be their own benchmark and try by all means to be the one to whom clients come to solve or provide innovative solutions to challenges faced with in their specific industry.
“Those days are rare, but when there is a day that I am off, I listen to golden oldies with a glass of wine and dance and sing like I am the only one in Namibia,” said a laughing Wendy about her rare days off.