Panga attacker found dead

The corpse of Gideon Nehale ‘’Kandiwapa’’, who was presumed to be on the run from police after slashing his girlfriend with a panga   has been discovered drowned in a canal at oshakati.
Nehale’s corpse was discovered last week Wednesday by Namwater employees two weeks after he allegedly committed the horrendous crime.
The employees of Namwater who were busy working on the canal detected a foul smell of rotting flesh but had not imagined that it could be a human corpse when they proceed to investigate the source of the smell further.
They discovered the body and called the police who confirmed that the corpse was indeed of the very person whose arrest was being sought by police.
Nehale has been on the run from the police after her attacked girlfriend Ndamonoghenda Haipinge sending police on a search frenzy in all corners of the O’ regions.
He allegedly invited Haipinge who is also a mother to their eight –year –old son under the pretext that she should go and pick up the boy from his place because he urgently had to go somewhere at around 6AM.
Not realising what was to happen Haipinge went to Nehale where an argument is said to have ensued and the next thing she was being rushed to the hospital with multiple wounds all over her body due to the panga attack. Haipinge is confirmed to under stable condition at the Oshakati Intermediate Hospital.
Oshana Police Commissioner Rauha Amwele confirmed that Nehale has been found.
‘’It seems the suspect threw himself in the canal because he thought he had killed his girlfriend and knowing that the police were after him. The police had in their search for him initially followed his footprints to the canal but they lost his trail there because the place is sandy little did they know he had gone in the deep end.