Female Donkey calls for unity amongst artists

With a unique name that many will not forget easily, Female Donkey has managed to keep fans interested, be it with her extravagant outfits or her unique take on Ma/Gaisa.
She has left audiences hungry for more after a staller performance at the 2014/2015 Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMA’s) and in a bid to make a statement at this year’s NAMA’s she wore a red number that yet again had her name on peoples lips.
A teacher at a local primary school, she is passionate about making sure tomorrows generation is well educated so as to be able to make the right career and life choices.
She emphasised the importance of having a back bone (education) when entering the music industry as it can help you run your career as a business making you better able to build your brand.
“My purpose is to have the youth educated. To have that vooma for education. To first have that educational backbone because when you have that educational discipline then you will be disciplined when making music” said Female Donkey.
She added that the music industry is a business and an artist could only start to experience the benefits from the profits of his or her work only 10 or so years later. She gains her inspiration from local artistic greats, Gazza and The Dogg, who have managed to build well established brands not only in Namibia but in the rest of Africa.
Due to release her fourth album “My image is my sweat” later this year, Female Donkey is looking to build her brand before fulfilling her dream of having her own music label with signed up artists one day.
One of the biggest things that she feels is hampering the growth of the music industry is the fact that well established artists are not willing to look at upcoming artists in hopes of not only mentoring but bringing them to the same level.
“They must share fame and make sure that the rest of the matured artists bring in the upcoming artists and they should make sure that they will be the ones that will feature on singles of upcoming artists so that upcoming artists also become visible and with that the industry will grow” said Female Donkey
Further urging fellow artist to not forget where they came from and rebuild the culture of being able to collaborate and help build one another like when the industry was building itself, but of late people are more interested in self gain.