Monique English aiming for the stars

Relatively new to the music scene Monique English has managed to stun audiences with her vocal ability, which has managed to impress many, gaining her a contract with Deal Done Records who has managed to propel the careers of local artists such as Ann Singer, Fishman and many others.
She started singing when she was just at the tender age of nine, with her mother entering her in various talent/singing competitions. She cannot recall having felt any special way towards music but as she grew she came to understand the art and came to love it, knowing it was her passion and dream.
Deal Done Records is a record label known to hone their artists to be sure to have them giving audiences their best, with the stable in recent years scooping up big titles at the national music industry awards, having started with Stardust who left many audiences of the NAMAs astonished and wondering who they were.
“Antonio is a great manager. As it is any other artist’s dream to have an album, it is mine as well and he has made that possible. There were people before him that promised me a lot, but they never kept that. So far I am happy with Deal Done Records and I know big things are going to happen with the team I have now” said English
She noted that Antonio had previously tried to get in contact with her but due to a previous agreement with another label and management she was unable to sign with him, and she only contacted him when she left her last stable and the rest as they say is history.
Besides working on her album, which she expects to drop in the next month, Monique works as a personal assistant at Tronic Electronic Systems and has ambitions to study further. She also hopes for a future collaboration with Hip Hop maestro’s Paradox.
“I am a Hip Hop person, and in my opinion, Paradox is one of Namibia’s best Hip Hop artists, and seeing that I have worked with a few of Namibia’s top Hip-Hop artists, I haven’t worked with Paradox yet. I would really love to see what we can do on a track together” said English.
She has also worked on previous projects with artists such as KP Illest, KK and Kboz. Describing her relationship with KP Illest as a great working relationship that consists of understanding each other and understanding the music. Very soon she will also be working with NIA.
Being a young and vibrant woman her music is inspired by her everyday experiences be it heartbreak, being happy, aiming for successes and enjoying the party life, making her music relatable to most youth.
With a voice that has made a name for itself and a management team that is known to bring the best out of its artist the sky is the limit for young Monique.