ÔÇÿI want to make my country proudÔÇÖ - Chesta

Having started his career as a backup vocalist for Kwaito king, The Dogg, young Gideon Eiseb (24), who goes by the stage name Chesta Houseprince, has been making a name for himself as a leading house artist building a large following along the way.
He captured  the hearts of fans in The Doggs hit song ‘Nuka’ with not only his voice but also his dance moves that had many a fan emulating them, not to mention the love they have for his songs, ‘Sabbi’ and ‘Shukuma’.
“The response from my fans is very impressive and I like the fact that they, the fans, urge me to do more. I am currently working on my debut album titled ‘Beginning of my hustle’ ” said Chesta.
Despite being disappointed and losing hope after their studio was broken into in 2015, prompting Chesta wanted to consider to quite the industry, he picked himself up and  still believed and stepped up to the challenge with audiences responding well to the release of his two singles despite being apprehensive towards his solo career.
Working under the mentorship and guidance of one of Namibia’s greats Chesta has learned a lot and is focused on building his brand, with regular performances at high schools and cultural festivals.
“I have learned a lot you know. He taught me to be responsible and respect everyone and to be financially disciplined and not to let fame get to my head and being consistent all the time. His like a father figure to me and I respect all he has done for me” said Chesta about his long term mentor The Dogg.
With humbling beginnings this artist has learned to work hard and remain humble and despite performing in front of hundreds of screaming fans Chesta is still able to remain humble and polite. He urges  his fans to remain patient and expect more videos and electrifying performances as he is here to stay.