Nored in power supply furrow


Northern power distributor Nored has strongly denied accusation of poor management, corruption and ‘’backdoor’’ nepotism levelled at the power utility by northern residents.
Residents have accused Nored of being quick to assist only people who are well connected at the detriment of ordinary citizens who are made to wait for years and months to have their electricity connected.
Onethindi, Oshakondwa village resident Judo Haitembi said he had to wait for over five years for his application for electricity connection to his house to be approved and to eventually effected.
‘’My application has been on hold for many years and every time I tried to enquire with the Nored office I was just told to wait. They kept telling me that they are coming. Then my neighbour build his house and within a short period of time after his house was completed he had electricity. I went back to Nored to find out how come I was made to wait for so long and someone who just moved in had his power connected immediately. They called me to the office and gave me a new form to re-apply and some months later they connected my electricity and this is after almost five years of waiting. It makes one wonder what is really going on,’’ Haitembi questioned.
Businessman Moses Eliud who runs flats for rent in the region has shared the same sentiments.
‘’Nored should come clean and tell us what is going on. We are paying a lot of money to have electricity connected but now our business operations are delayed because of the lengthy process at Nored. I have ten blocks of flats that are standing open and the only reason is electricity connections but there are those who have been connected quickly. Nored is a public institution and we should all be served equally regardless of is known to whom on the inside,’’ charged Eliud.
Nored Spokesperson Herman Ngasia said people need to learn to seek information before levelling such unfounded serious claims.
‘’People should know that this is a public institution and they have a right to come to us for information or to advise us on anything they have seen that is not right.  I have been dealing with customers for many years and they don’t understand that every institution has procedures and requirements that have to be followed and adhered to. What good reason will Nored have to deny people power connections,’’ Ngasia said.
Ngasia said residents of Onethindi should particularly note that Onethindi is in the process of possibly being proclaimed a village council and when one from that area is applying for electricity the requirements are that they should get a letter from their constituency council that should state that the area they are residing is permitted for connections.
‘’People should also be aware of our in house procedures at Nored, because we have different types of connections such as business and domestic connections. The materials used in either one of them is not the same. Service is given according to the availability of materials. We don’t know now if the claims of corruption are true or not but our offices are open and people are encouraged to come forth and report anything they see out of place. What I can say is that our people on the ground are not allowed to take money from anyone, payments are done at our offices,’’ affirmed Ngasia.