Ghettoballerina swaps tutus for mic

After switching her tutus for the mic in Moscow, this young MC has never looked back and is embracing her love for music, all while being in the medical profession, resulting in her having to master the art of juggling two careers.
Having started her love for music at an early age as a classical ballerina, the switch from pointes to the microphone seems big to some but the love for music is evident in the young MC’s rhymes.
“I was a classical ballet dancer for 14 years and when I stepped foot in Moscow in 2008 I simply switched the tutus and pointes for the mic. It’s basically where the classics intersect with Hip Hop” said Ghettoballerina.
Coming from a bigger platform and wider interaction with people, different cities and touring a country, she is now only doing a show every few months, something which could be seen as crippling her career growth by some pundits, but she still feels Namibia has kept up with her artistic endeavours.
“All in all, ranging from Russia to Namibia, I would honestly say that I have been always getting amazing feedback from the fan base and the Hip Hop industry in general. I’m doing what I can with this God given talent, and I love each and every moment I get to hit the studio because it’s effortless” said GB.
Faced with the challenge of juggling being a Veterinarian and an artist, GB finds it hard to make time for both her careers, adding that finding balance is the beauty of it, as it is not easy being in two places at the same time.
“I grew up balancing performing arts with school, same way I did when I was doing my degree and music. So honestly if you move at your own pace and if you are doing what you love. You will always find a way to make it work” said GB.
Her single “Handle That” featuring Lioness has been making waves on the airwaves as of late with over 600 views on YouTube. After coming back to Namibia the young lady felt the industry needed something fresh and never heard of that could make a statement.
“I simply called my girl Lioness up and we hit the booth and created magic. Hip Hop is a male dominated industry but we got the bars to contradict that statement. Also just to inspire female empowerment in general” said GB.
The artist has been working on a project titled 88toinfinity for the last couple of years, saying she is the type of artist that would rather have a collection of perfect works that she can showcase to the world.
In the mean time she urges her fans to bear with her as she is on a journey of creating masterpieces and in the meantime fans can keep an eye out for more visuals.