ColemanÔÇÖs big English dream

She might have amongst the few that have broken the jinx for many female footballers by making her move to Lithuania last year but Brave Gladiator, Zenatha Coleman is not resting on her laurels until she gets a move to the lucrative English League sometime in the future.
She believes the sky is the limit for her dreams. Although so many other footballers have had such dreams but turned them into nightmares, Coleman believes her English dream only needs hard work, belief and perhaps the right people around to achieve.
Perhaps it is obvious to note that playing on the European turf, and eventually making the mega bucks is every footballer’s dream but Coleman just does not want to end in Europe alone but she wants to end up in the best part of Europe when it comes to football.
“Playing in England in better competitions and clubs is my dream. This is just a start to test myself and also have a feel of how professional football feels like. I will see where that takes me after the Champions League,” she told The Villager Sport from her base in Lithuania.
Despite being thousands of miles away from home and pretty much having to deal with harsh different weather conditions, language and way of life, Coleman told The Villager Sport that it did not take her that long to settle at her club Gintra Uniersitetas.
“We have a two hour time difference with back home, the cold is sometimes tough and it rains regularly so I am still getting used to this. I have managed to score four goals in the last semi-final and two goals in the final. There are only two players that have done this and the others have not achieved that,” she said.
She is one of the few female footballers from Namibia who have made it across the Oceans to play in Europe, and  she believes one day she will be playing in England.
Speaking to The Villager from her base in Lithuania Coleman said her star is shining bright in Europe and she is focussed on achieving greater heights.” I have played 10 league games since I arrived here and scored 21 goals in the eight games that I was in the starting eleven. The other two games I started off the bench,” she said.
Renowned as one of the hard workers in the Brave Gladiators as the Namibian women’s national team is affectionately known, and catapulted to continental stardom last year when Namibia hosted the African Women’s Championships, Coleman maintains that her dreams will not be achieved over night.
“I would not like to lie and say that it is easy making it but I came here for a purpose and for now I am concentrating on that. We are currently preparing for the Champions League and I am fully focussed on that,” she said.
She has become a household name in Namibian football and whenever people mention her name, for once everyone forgets that there ladies game is not well supported as compared to the male players.
Such challenges do not seem to deter Coleman who now believes her exploits in Lithuania and subsequent success within a short period in the future will go a long way in inspiring many other Namibian footballers, especially women, with a passion for soccer.