NDF member appears in court for N$3 worth of dagga

A northern based Namibian Defence Force Member (NDF) found himself on the wrong side of the law when he was arrested at Oshakati last week for being in possession N$3.00 worth of dagga. The arrest was made on last week Friday at Oshakati’s Oneshila location.
Matundu Vaomboroka, who appeared before Magistrate Victor Nyazo in the Oshakati Magistrate Court on Tuesday  on charges of being in possession of illegal narcotic substances, when questioned on why he had marijuana on him, said he uses it for medicinal purposes.
He said he has a persistent medical condition of recurring sores under his armpits which have made his life difficult due to the unbearable pain caused by the sores. He said he had sought for medical help from the hospital on numerous times but the sores just cannot seem to go away. He said he followed the advices of some of his friends who told him that marijuana can help alleviate the medical condition and relieve the pains he endures. He said he cooks the herbal plant and drinks the liquid content.
The state however didn’t give heed to the excuses forwarded by Vaomboroka and said that the crime concerned is highly prevalent in society.
He was sentenced to a three month jail time or a fine of N$500.
Boy beaten for not pounding fine Omahangu

A five-year old boy was left with severe pains in the abdomen and a swollen arm after he was beaten by his older cousin in an incident that happened last week in Onankali, Oshikoto region.
The boy, whose name can be revealed because he is a minor, had to be hospitalised at the Onandjokwe Lutheran Hospital because of injuries sustained during the assault, his mother said.
 The boy’s mother, who has seven children, said the child had been staying at the homestead of his paternal grandmother but has been in the care of another minor, a girl only aged 16, since his grandmother passed-on earlier this year.
The boy’s mother related that the girl ordered two children, including the boy, to pound omahangu two weeks ago on Sunday, while she went to fetch water outside the homestead. The children pounded the omahangu but the girl was not satisfied with the way they did the job. Continued online...