One of the D-Squares finally stands out

Only less than a few months ago the up and coming sector of the music industry was faced with a slim shady conundrum when two local artists rocked up with the same stage name.
One of the two artists released an album that is currently amongst the topping selling in the country and available at local retailer, Antonio’s Art.
Five tracks in and one can’t help but help to understand why it is that ‘The Advisor’ is flying off the shelves so fast. D-square has a unique sound that has a listener nodding along to every song. Mixing a range of genres, bringing in Oviritje and house, this album caters to all, making sure no one is left out.
D-square can truly claim to have found his niche in the industry and is willing to tap into all its different aspects to ensure that his fans get quality for money and are not left feeling disappointed.
As is the norm with local artists of late, there has to be a song to their significant other, and D-square is no different. ‘Kanagweye’ is a song dedicated to his loved one, telling her how he is ready to get serious with her and put a ring on it.
The young artist encourages the youth to visit their families in distant places, reminding them not to take intoxicants as gifts for neither the old nor young. With a touch of lyrics from the Zambezi region, he has brought in diversity and given way to a language not many have heard in music.
The collaborations between D-square and DJ Sebby has created great hits, for example track 17 which has the artist knowingly saying Watch out, although not referring to his lyrical skill one can’t help but tell all those already in the industry to watch out as this young man has come to stake his claim to the top spot.
The Advisor gets a 3/5, with D-square setting a high bench mark for himself leaving audiences impatient to hear his next offering.