Northern Courts with Kakunawe Shinana

Teenager charged with attempted murder

A case of attempted murder CR132/06/2016 has been  opened against a sixteen year old teenage boy of Ohakweenyanga after he severely stabbed his friend.
The teenager stabbed his friend because he said he had drunk too much Monis Granada and beer in an incident that happened at Shipepe location in the Ohakweenyaga area in Oshana region on Sunday June 26th.
Appearing at the Oshakati Magistrate court for the first time the teenager said all he knows is that he had been under the influence of alcohol that evening because he had drank too much Monis Granada and beer.  And he knows that his friend Hamnuyela Leni was pestering him to go saying he was too drunk but he didn’t feel like going home.
“He kept telling me to go home but I refused, he kept on pushing me and since I was drunk I took out my knife which I had on me and I started stabbing him. When I saw he was bleeding on the ground I left him and went home,’’ said the accused upon questioning.
Leni was stabbed on the left rib and left arm. The accused was remanded in custody for further investigation and the case is moved to July 4th 2016.

Teacher acquitted of rape

Robert Mutemwa (40), a school teacher from an Omuthiya school was relieved today after he was acquitted of an attempted rape charge, CR241/07/2014.
He appeared before Magistrate Helena Ekandjo at the Oshakati Magistrate Court on Tuesday last week in a case that drags back to July 12, 2014.
He was arrested after he was accused of unlawfully and intentionally touching the private parts of a young girl (name cannot be mentioned as she is under 18years of age) who attended school where he taught.
Due to a lack of evidence the case was struck from the court and Robert who had been out on bail was free man.