Captain Kalola - Part two to start filming soon

The much loved Captain Kalola , which hadlocal movie lovers in stitches, will soon hit the small screens again after it came to light that a sequel is planned forthe first Captain Kalola movie The Villager can reveal.
The Villager understand producers already held auditions for the follow-up movie while it is also said that  a bit of an international flavour surprise is in store for  the Namibian film lovers in the new movie.
The movie about a corrupt police officer in Northern Namibia was well received by the local population as it featured local Omalaeti artists Tate Buti, Dion and Kamtonyo from local group PDK giving fans a new look at the artist they have grown to love.
After having noticed a gap in the industry, Tate Buti chose to take the next step towards building his brand and ventured into the world of acting. “Acting is a part of art so as artists whatever involves art we should have our hands in it” said Tate Buti.
Artists in other countries have always used acting as a new means of income generation or broadening their portfolio, and the crème de la crème of Omalaeti is no different choosing to use film as yet another form of artistic expression.
Shot in Oshikango and surrounding areas, the movie follows the lives of a village gang that is looking for their big score in hopes of getting enough money to move and live in the big city.
As the movie plot continues the gang leader, played by Dion, joins forces with Captain Kalola (Tate Buti) in hopes of ripping off the Mafia boss and leaving their lives of poverty behind.
The first movie ended with Captain Kalola running off with the gang after a big truck heist, but unbeknownst to them the mafia boss had spies of his own.
With crew members unwilling to reveal new information about the plot twists nor the next location, audiences have no option but to wait in limbo until the final scenes are released.
Other musicians who have gone into film include KK who stared in local production “Dreamer”, Dice in the much anticipated “The Third Will” which is due to be released soon and Jericho who had a stint in “Katutura”.