Smart denim jacket: GoogleÔÇÖs wildest idea

Google has teamed up with renowned fashion label Levi’s to come up with a smart denim jacket that is set to be launched come 2017, and this wild initiative will reshape the face of conventional fashion forever.
This latest offer by Google is a product of Project Jacquard, which is currently busy working on inter-weaving fabric with digital sensor systems which connect to a mobile device.
The jacket, which is a first of its kind from Levi’s, was engineered with the aim to provide ease of handling and controlling one’s mobile device without having to hold it out of the pocket while cycling or driving.  
The smart denim jacket is just like any other wearable piece of clothing whose cuff is attached with an intelligent rechargeable digital clip which transmit electronic sensors through the fabric right to a mobile device chucked in a pocket.
A slight brush or touch on this digital clip automatically allows one to control applications on a phone, for instance answering a call, tuning on to music and selecting tracks among a range of other functions.
Google’s idea borders on an ambition to make technology wearable and wildly disrupting the world of fashion in combining digital systems, which are both user friendly and make life easy in the handling of the simplest of tasks like connecting to a mobile device without having to physically touch it.
As explained by Google at their recent I/O, the team went at great lengths to combine ingenuity and innovation to bring about a weave of interactive threading on the left arm of the jacket and the rechargeable digital clip is able to let your phone communicate with your jacket.
The conductive fabric which makes up the smart jacket generates an interactive patch that is ultra-sensitive to both touch and pressure such that it can even read the position of one’s hand before it comes in contact with it.  
 The engineers of this wild idea made it in such a way that it remains as wearable as any other ordinary jacket and it is manufactured out of the usual Levis’ standard manufacturing techniques.  
In their own words, ‘’It’s not supposed to be a precious piece of technology that has to be babied by its wearer.”  
“The Commuter jacket is supposed to be as durable as a regular jacket. The jacket is designed to be hung up, crumpled up and tossed in a bag, thrown over a chair, and even put through a washing machine”, said Levi’s Vice President Paul Dillinger.
While the smart jacket is likely to be not that cheap once it hits the market, we hope it will go a long way to change the world of fashion at the same time making it easy controlling functions on a mobile device while driving, cycling, cooking or handling items that needs the attention of both hands.