Young Truth making it

Dope Angel Records have stepped up to the plate and introduced a new talent to the Hip hop industry in the person of Young Truth.

The promising young artist released his first album Make it, featuring a mix of Hip Hop and RnB earlier this year.

 The adage “Don’t judge a book by its cover’ is a perfect way in which to describe this offering from the newbie to the Namibian music scene that becomes increasingly predictable. The album cover is lacklustre, dull and unimpressive creating a sense of another boring, underwhelming album that is bound to be a disappointment.

Two tracks in (as the first is an intro) and any doubt you might have had will be blown out of the windows as you won’t be able to help but to find yourself bobbing your head to the tunes as you get overwhelmed by the music. Using music to tell his story, Young Truth bring listeners into his world and takes the listener on a journey of love, struggles and the will power to overcome.

Collaborating with Remedy to add his melodic touch was a very ingenious move as the artists complement each other perfectly, with songs such as “Damaras bawl hard” and “Holla at me” being out of these racks.

“Lost one” is dedicated to his deceased mother in which he gives her an overview of how he and his siblings have been coping since her passing. This is a touching tribute telling her the words anyone would wish to tell their loved ones one more last time.

This young talented star is headed for the stardom to the top, provided he stays level-headed and keeps on dishing hits like the ones on this album. Bringing his own touch to Hip hop and with what seems like a good crew behind him, listeners can expect big things from Young Truth, 4/5.