Gomchas fight pensioner over house

anton Aochamub, 60, could lose his Katutura house to gomchas; one of whom was his long time tenant, Joseph Sebelele, popularly known as Boeta.
Aochamub says he entered into a donation transfer of the erf number 2614, Emmanus Street with Sebelele’s friend, Pieter Skei. The deal was meant to evade paying taxes and avoid bureaucratic delays and hassles when Aochamub finally decided to sell the house.
“I was going through divorce proceedings and I needed money. So I decided to sell my house then move to the reserves. Boeta said he had a friend who could buy my house,” Aochamub narrates.
Boeta, according to Aochamub, who knew about his financial problems, introduced him to Skei who posed as a potential buyer.
“They told me the process would be easier and would incur less tax if the house was transferred into Skei’s name,” says Aochamub.
The agreement, signed by both parties, with Boeta as a witness, states that an amount of N$200 000 would be paid to Aochamub once the property was fully transferred into Skei’s name.
Around the same time, Aochamub says, Skei gave him N$20 000 to help with legal fees during his divorce proceedings. However, Aochamub realised that was intended to be the payment for the house.
“After giving me the N$20 000, I discovered their true intentions when they refused to assume responsibility for the monthly water and electricity bills. Their plan was not to pay the money after I had signed off the house in Skei’s name, so I instructed my lawyer to terminate the donation agreement before it was fully carried out,” said Anton.
When they realised the dubious transfer would not materialise, Aochamub adds, Skei and Boeta, who at the time had vacated from Anton’s unannounced, resorted to other means to get him out of his house.  
“They have been trying to get me out of the house by threatening me. Now they are trying to sabotage the outcome of my divorce by coaxing my ex-wife to appeal. They are threatening to take me to court too. These guys are gomchas, I’m told this is what they do,” Aochamub explains.
Boeta admits playing the role of a middleman but he accuses Aochamub of lying, “That old man is a pathological liar. He’s been involved in fraud and he’s going to prison. Yes, I moved from his place.”
However, his associate, Skei, wasn’t co-operative. “I don’t know anything,” he said.