Ufanange Orizza tries building his Music Embassy

Young, up-and-coming kwaito artist, Ufanange Orizza (whose name translates to Call me Orizza), has released his first album titled “Music Embassy: My Ngeshefa”.
Although the aspiring mic star is not well known yet, he is signed under Rockaz label, where he has been able to sound no different than Rockaz boss, Exit.
Ufanange Orizza, is the typical hardcore kwaito kid, who is the biggest fan of his own music.
With a daring album title such as that, you would be left feeling excited awaiting the first track. However, as soon as the first track comes on, your hopes are shattered immediately as the record starts off just like any other kwaito record that is collecting dust in a broken jukebox somewhere.
Tracks such as “Apology”, “Take it or leave it” and “Memory” will have you as the listener reaching for the CD cover just to make sure that you are not listening to Exit himself, but you just have to accept this as the case of one star who has been inspired by another. Needless to say that the two should not be featured on the same song as they sound exactly the same.
“Kaana kalikapo”, which loosely translates to the girl has been eaten and is slang for ‘your girlfriend has another boyfriend’ is yet again a song telling young men exactly how bad women can be, and how it is that they just break men’s hearts and can be so easily persuaded to cheat. The beat on “Kaana kaliwapo” is catchy and the melody flows but the message of the song is a very off putting.
Kwaito has always been a much loved genre but if it continues down the path were every upcoming artist is trying to sound like the ones that have already made a name for themselves in the genre, it will soon dwindle into being nothing but a blip of what it used to be.
This album is an underwhelming 2/5. Orizza has the talent. There is no denying that, but he needs to find his own identity and put it in his music. Right now there is nothing making his music more significant than every other Kwaito album on the market.