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Youths beat soldier over cigarette

by Chris-Paul


a National Defence Force member was mauled by thugs who left him for dead outside a Grootfontein Bar, because he refused to share a cigarette with them.
Donald Kapinga was attacked after he had had an altercation with a teenage boy at Lineekela Bar.
“The boy asked me for a cigarette, which I wanted to give to someone else. The moment I did that, he became furious and started insulting me,” Donald said.
A heated argument occurred and the teenager’s gang moved in to rescue their own.
The owner of Lineekela Bar, Frans Kaboyi said his employees had to intervene and stop the fight.
“The music was loud as they were fighting. My employees and I managed to pull them apart. I slapped the military guy and also hit Rabutla Shiwedha (one of the gang members) as they were ganging up on Donald,” said Frans.
He added that he had to ask the gang to leave when he discovered that they were at fault.
“I then asked Donald not to leave the bar but he somehow sneaked out and the guys caught up with him outside the bar,” Frans said.
The boy, Shalipo Iiyambo was the one who insisted that they should wait for Donald outside to revenge, according to Rabutla.“We were just outside waiting for a friend of ours who had a car when we saw Donald come out of the yard and our friend rushed to him,” Rabutla said.
Donald narrated, “The teenage boy threw a bottle at me at close range. As I staggered, someone hit me with a second bottle and I fell onto the ground. That’s when they started to really beat me up. I lost consciousness after which, the next thing I remember was waking up in the State Hospital.
“There was some colourless liquid coming through my ears that night and I had to go to the military hospital.”
He further said Frans, who frantically rushed him to the hospital, saved his life.
At the military hospital, Donald said, swift arrangements were made to have him transferred to Windhoek for better medical attention.
“Doctors feared that there might have been some internal bleeding or even a brain concussion. I was in such a poor state that I was bed-ridden the whole time,” said Donald.