Entertainers encourage youth to stay in school

The society we find ourselves in is one where school dropouts seem to be living the luxurious lives while those ‘crunching’ the books are stuck in the same position and “not living the life”.
A picture of South African artist, Cassper Nyovest, burning a pile of books recently made rounds on social media with many criticising the artist’s actions as we live in a society where actions are impressionable on the youth that look up to him.
Namibia is no different as many of our young people look up to our local celebrities and wishing to make their mark, forgetting that no matter what field you choose to follow, having documentation to prove that you are qualified will always be a bonus.
Local Hip hop artist, Hilifa94, is a NAMA (Namibian Anual Music Awards) nominated artist who is also currently studying sound engineering. The subject of most, if not all this young man’s songs, is about encouraging not only the youth, but all Namibian people, to find ways to help build their community.

“I suggest that young people should first strife to reach and complete Matric. That way you can pick what you’re really passionate about; and do that. One should just be sure that you’re doing something not for the fame or money, but because of pure passion” said Hilifa94.
Information is the key to opening all doors and the best way to gain information is through education. On a daily basis social media is flooded with stories of how one person or another was rejected academically but such individuals should not forget that they still had the knowledge they needed to be able to contribute and build on the ideas that made them famous.
Fashion designer and aviation student, Maila, of Maila Kouture, places emphasis on using education to gain information as education is one of our most valued assets. “Obtain any form of education you can and grab all the information with both hands” said Maila.
Salmi Shilongo of Salshi Design encouraged the youth to first get to know the self and know what they want to become before choosing to either drop out of school or continuing to study.
“Find yourself first and take time to think about it. As long as you know yourself you will know what you want. Be committed to it and prove people wrong by succeeding in what you choose to do,” said Salmi.
The entertainment industry, although harsh, can provide a place to build a name for yourself, but you should not only focus on your practical skills being able to take them all the way especially in a developing country like Namibia where art is still making a name for itself.
As an entertainer having theoretical skills to back up your talent will work wonders towards not only understanding your career choice, but also to understand the industry at large and all its different aspects.