Is Generation Next throwing caution to the wind?

Last week there were several quarters in society, including the mainstream media, who were casting aspersions about the circumstances of those that might have made it or not to the Founding President’s 87th birthday bash.
Some of the few (Generation Next) who had the privilege to be invited to the much-publicised birthday party hosted at Etunda Farm, took every opportunity they could to post their invites on different social media outlets. Perhaps what is imperative is that the celebration of the birthday was one of those momentous occasions that many should cherish and enjoy, considering the Founding Father’s contribution to the struggle than to use the occasion to portray a certain patronage, like what some Generation Next were doing. Is it fair to expect a granny to go and fetch YOU water from a well to come and bath?
However, in the midst of the celebrating the momentous occasion there were also a few of Generation Next who took advantage of the birthday bash to portray the Founding President as if he is their own, and own only.
These are the same Generation Next who went out of their way to publicly run their mouths, castigating what they supposedly said was a snub by both Former President Hifikepunye Pohamba and President Hage Geingob of the birthday event. One wonders whether there is any truth to this so called snub.
What is imperative is that while there is that leeway for freedom of speech and expression, somewhat it should also be noted that there are clearly defined roles of leadership that need to be understood. Currently the reins of the country are with President Geingob and he is still in the infancy of his term and trying to lay down the foundation for his full term through different intervention policies. His tenure is hinged on prosperity.
There was also the era of the Founding President since independence and this was centred on building a peaceful and stable society, free of discrimination against one another. And perhaps that era also had its own challenges. Obviously then came the era of President Pohamba which continued to build on the legacy of peace and thwarting corruption.
What is more worrisome about last week’s aspersions is that some quarters want to interpret that the non-availability of President Geingob and Pohamba at Nujoma’s birthday party as a snub. Perhaps put bluntly what hogwash it is. How is it their business anyway?
One wonders whether the communication between President Geingob and Dr Nujoma about the formers inability to attend the latter’s birthday party should not be a public issue but a matter that the two leaders share between themselves. It should be understood that what this creative Generation Next are doing is spelling disaster for the future leadership of this country. The message they are sending to the Nujoma, Pohamba, Geingob – NPG - Generation is that the rest of the Generation Next are content to be ruled by the aged. The NPG Generation is grooming Generation Next but the latter appears to be too consumed by their egos to get the point that being taken into confidence by NPG Generation doesn’t necessarily connote into friendship. Count your stars as you embrace the opportunity to be closer to an NPG Generation. There is a whole lot of Generation Next out there who are dying JUST to have an opportunity to shake hands with the NPG Generation. There are those who are dying to have that ka selfie with them, and yes, upload it on social media. Now, you got drunk by the fact that you are high-fiving with NPG Generation when you share similar sentiments. It’s crazy for Generation Next to think they can separate the NPG Generation. They have crossed rivers of blood together. Be humble and behave like a lawn closer to the main source of water, the tap. It’s never green. Generation Next should take comfort in the fact that being closer to the power-that-be is like being closer to the fire. It’s never warm enough. Remain humble, as you have the ear of a NPG Generation. Don’t be counted among the circle of opportunists who are hell-bent to derail and undermine the authority of President Geingob.
Could it also be that the Swapo Party is losing its core values of unity of purpose that the Generation Next are now taking advantage of the Founding Father’s birthday to drive their own agendas?  
The most worrying scenario is that most of the aspersions are being cast by Generation Next with the motive to deliberately weigh and try to derail the authority of the current President through whatever means. Surely one needs to understand that there ought to be an opportunity for the current president to execute his plans and be judged upon them at the end his term.
The Namibian Nation ought to understand and appreciate that the country currently has a centre of power who happens to be President Geingob, being caught in scenarios where the current President is constantly castigated and compared to any other era will not solve anything.