City spiritual shop


I was walking about town a fortnight ago when I came across a spiritual shop in Garten Street, Auspannplatz.
I wondered what they could be selling because one cannot buy a spirit. So I figured that it had to be some kind of medicine for spiritual healing.
When I entered the shop, a strange smell and smoke from the incense hit me. I had to squint to see the mystic prophet; Andrew Sintute who was dressed in a long grey cloak with a white turban wrapped around his head and was bare feet.
At first glimpse, I almost to changed my mind as he had this serious look on his face but I overcame my fear when I saw a young lady who was assisting him at the till.
The shop has three rooms - one where the products are sold and a small office packed with books and lit candles. The third room was closed. Close to its door was a tree with a warning hung on it written: ‘Do not touch’.
I looked around and saw more signs. One was ‘woza-woza water’. I asked prophet Sintute what it was used for and he promptly told me that it is used for gaining favours from people and for one to have sweet spirits around them.
After overcoming my initial fear and my curiosity at boiling point, we sat down for a short discussion following customary greetings and introductions.  
The prophet told me that they sell medicine for all types of problems a person can encounter in this world.
“Mostly in Africa, there is black magic, witchcraft and people are being cursed. We can undo all those jinxes and foster blessings in people’s lives.
“We also sell herbs that are mostly manufactured from here (Namibia) and South Africa for physical sicknesses. For example, we have the ‘devils claw’ for arthritis, buchu, detox tears, African potatoes, kathaza and supplements for HIV/Aids. Unfortunately, we cannot heal HIV but we can treat it,” he said.
There were also herbs and oil meant for love. Smile-when-I-appear-to-her herb, stay-with-me herb, come-to-me herb and oil, female inserts and wet-control herb and fire of love oil.
“If anyone out there has been involved in a bad relationship for a long time, they should consult me to cancel those curses. The female herbs are inserted just like tampons and men apply the oils on their private parts,” said Sintute.
The other herbs that are also in stock are the ones for good luck, for powerful spiritual protection and to attain success in life.
The prophet also reads tarot cards to predict and interpret people’s future.
“Our religion is Christian Mystic and we believe in the science of God’s creations through Christ Jesus. We also recognise and have the power to communicate with different angels,” he concludes.