AMA-DAZ-Floor setting the dancefloor a blaze

This week we sat with first-time NAMA winners, AMA-DAZ-Floor, to talk about the significance of being first-time entrants and walking away with the award, and promoting their new album, Omalenga.

How many years have you been doing music now?
Johannes: Since 2011
Dominikus: For about 10 years
Nangaku: For 13 years
Shikulo: For the past nine years
What are your hobbies?
Johannes: Watching movies and getting to know new friends
Dominikus: Nothing in particular
Nangaku: Singing, drawing and
Shikulo: Sketching, painting and dancing
What project are you currently working on?
We are currently promoting our 3rd album titled “Omalenga”, which dropped on the 20th of last month, and shooting a video for our song “Are you there”.
Which artists have you worked with so far?
Dama Monique, Kamati, S-man, Lyamungala, Tate Buti, Young T and many others
What inspires your dress code as a group?
We were inspired by Loux The Vintage Guru and always wanted something different and unique because every individual has an artistic element in them, which we push so hard to be out there. Vintage makes us feel matured and makes us stand out from other people.
What has been your most embarrassing moment on stage?
Haha!! When one us didn’t go along with everyone else on a routine, it was quite embarrassing but we covered it up quickly.
Where do you find the inspiration for your music?
Inspiration comes from our daily way of living and also what people speak around us. It’s just that thing that you develop and tell a story.
Inspiration comes also from other artist which we listen too locally and international, for example the likes of Malaika.
What has kept you pushing on in an industry where artists feel unappreciated and unsupported by local audiences?
Our families back at home are proud of us. The people around us have given us hope; that’s why we are still doing music. Back in the days we had a dream and now we see the dream come true. It’s never easy and it will never be.
What changes have you seen in the local music industry thus far? Are they good or bad?
Good - The fact that most upcoming artists are getting nominated for the annual awards; and performing there, which is a good opportunity for marketing and getting known.
Bad - The fact that we do not have music labels that can help artists; and also our own Namibian companies do not want to invest in local music and sponsor them. Most Namibian companies get artists from outside (the country) to promote their products
Another thing is that not all artists are willing to help each other out. We are all Namibians we need to build together.
Who would you like to work with in future, internationally and locally?
Locally, Suzy Eises and Ees
Internationally – Sauti Sol and The Soil
(Dominikus adds): And Flavour. His voice would sound good on one of our songs
What can we expect to see from you in the future?
More surprises from AMA-DAZ-FLOOR. More albums and creativity where we would like to expand to a global stage performing around the world.
Who is your dream date and why?
Johannes: I can’t think of one
Dominikus: I don’t have one
Nangaku: I don’t have one
Shikulo: Hehe... Cynthia Morgan “Nigerian Female Dancehall Artist”… I love how crazy she is, her energy…  I love her songs which are Dancehall reggae; the genre tone I rap and sing in.  
What special talent do you have that your fans don’t know about?
Johannes: I play soccer; I can play in midfield, as a striker or winger.
Dominikus: I’m also a producer
Nangaku: I draw
Shikulo: I am a visual artist and a photographer.
How significant was the NAMA win for the best Soukus/Kwasa?
One of the best moments we ever had. To be nominated for the first time and getting the award means a lot to us. A lot of people always have told us we will win, but it was a special case in our careers and we acknowledge that. We are thankful for this.