Oshakati approves N$93m road project

Oshakati Town Council (OTC) has approved expenditure of up to N$93m for the construction of a traffic circle and a bridge at Okatana.

This comes as the council begins engagements with the nearby traditional authorities, on extending the town’s boundaries.

Public Relations Officer of the OTC Jackson Muma told he Villager that, “As part of deepening of the Okatana River, N$16 million has been used to construct to bridges at Onendongo and Oshoopala”. 

According to Muma, the Dyke construction and deepening of the river started in October 2014 with the first two projects being completed in December last year.

The continuation of these projects is expected to commence within current financial year. The council will also pump N$250 000 into the construction of ablution facilities which started in April this year and nearly completed.

The facilities will consist of two male and two female toilets. Last year 

The Oshakati Town Council  spend approximately N$163 million of its N$389 million budget on developmental projects for the 2015/2016 financial year, Town Council Public Relations Officer Jackson Muma said.

 Muma said that N$74 million will be spent on the bulk servicing of Okaku Kiipupu, extension 16, Ehenye and Ekuku.

The town is surrounded by communal farmers and we have a hard time convincing them to relocate which in turn threatens city growth. Oshakati Town Council also encounter challenges with formalizing informal settlements especially when it comes to erecting infrastructure such as roads, people just do not want to move Muma said.

 Other budget allocations included, N$ 32 million which has been allocated to the improvement of roads as well as bitumen standards; N$ 4 million has been conferred to the survey for Ompumbu residential area, Onawa has received an amount totaling to N$15 million.

 Furthermore, the Council will survey other areas such as; Othingo which are designated for industrial business activities. Last year taxes and assessment rates on properties had also increased with 5%. 

Last year the Villager wrote that Oshakati Town Council,s strategic plan was to kick off in July.

In 2013 the Villager wrote that the Town Council of Oshakati received a qualified audit opinion on its financial statements, meaning that all is not well.

 The operating loss amounted to N$ 859 966 and negative adjustments to N$ 2 340 095. 

 Investments at banking institutions amounted to N$ 86 195 096 and cash to N$ 11 884 573 according to the cash-book. This gave a total cash balance of N$ 98 079 669. The Capital Development Fund reflected a balance of N$ 88 355 714 and the Build-Together Fund a balance of N$ 11 926 713 which gave a total of
N$ 100 282 427.

 Taking into consideration the outstanding loans  were amounting to N$ 2 965 205 in respect of the Build-Together Housing Project and the amount of  N$ 5 771 242 lent to the electricity company, the special fund accounts appeared to be fully cash backed.

Capital expenditure for the 2013 amounted to almost N$ 14.7 million, mostly for parks and sport grounds, streets, sidewalks and storm water, town planning and sewerage.