Lack of creativity kills local music videos

The availability of state of the art video making equipment does not always mean good quality art from musicians as it has proven itself in 2016.
Music video releases such as the one of “Kapana” released by 2014 NAMA Awards winner, Chikune will have you perplexed.
With a mix of blue light and baby oil by the tonnes, Kapana left me confused as to the thoughts that went through the mind of the video director at the making of this video.
Chikune is a lady with a gorgeous voice but the video concepts puts you off and leaves you only looking at the video in disappointment instead of enjoying the beautiful melody.
Her love for food is evident in her song titles with her previous and award winning single being titled “Pumpkin”. Although artistic, the video is just not as tasteful as intended, receiving an underwhelming 2 879 views on YouTube and a 2/5 rating from us.
The Ogopa Butterfly team has been on a rollercoaster, releasing not only Chikune’s video but also the video for the collaboration between LMPC and Oteya. This could go to being credited as the reason for such disappointment.
The video quality as per usual is on par as Ogopa is known as one of the best video producers this side of the equator. The “She want dance” collaboration between LMPC and Oteya has a beautiful beat that was unfortunately underused.
The video has a heavy West African influence that left me yearning for a Namibian touch. LMPC is seen in the video with a fly mamacita at his side alongside a luxurious vehicle at some hilltop with a magnificent view of an unknown city. The song is up-tempo with a dance feel to it, making you wish for more of a dance video instead of what we got, which was a guy talking about rocking up with his unseen “gitas” in unseen “whips” showing girls the life they live.
Then comes the part of songstress Oteya, who has gone grey for the video, she talks about how she has zero competition but at the same time is repeating lyrics. If you want to tell us you have zero competition take a look at what your competitors are doing and make sure you’re still in the lead.
The video is good but the song is disappointing, LMPC is a rapper but in this song he does not rap. He attempts to sing. If what he is doing can be called that. Oteya on the other hand, had her lyrics fail her in her attempt to prove that she is still at the top of the food chain. This video gets a 3/5 but the song gets a 1/5. Both these artists can do better.
Another video released in the past month is “Natural” by Sally Boss Madam. Going back to her dancehall days, Sally has everyone singing “Everything about me is natural…”
 In this song she talks about embracing your natural hair and beauty and just being you. The bright colours and the background were the right choice with the theme of the video; and the song being in perfect sync.
This video has received over 15 000 views on YouTube after being released less than two weeks ago. This video deserves a score of 4/5 as one can tell that some thought and preparation went into the final product.
Kwaito master The Dogg and his protégé Young T also released a video for their hit song “Bye Bye”. Young T proved yet again that he is a lyrical genius, which was a great compliment to The Dogg’s lack of lyrics.
The video is a mix of beautiful girls and handsome men at a party just generally having fun and enjoying a couple of drinks. The problem with this video is that it mostly has shots just showing the video vixens behinds instead of showing their faces, as is we are in a society where women are constantly fighting to be considered as more than just their appearance.
Bye Bye gets 3/5, it’s a good video but both The Dogg and Young T need to remember that they are now public figures and the messages they tell, whether subliminal or outright, have an impact on the youth and society.
Our industry has stepped up and is giving us the quality products that we deserve as consumers.