Sanlam Namibia enhances innovation

Sanlam Namibia recently launched its Innovation Works project with the second team of six entrepreneurs with innovative ideas. This year, the project has seen growth as there were 80 applications compared to last year, with 40.

The project strives to provide mentorship that is aimed at giving business owners the knowledge they need to make it big in their industry of choice. The call for entries started in September 2014 5 teams that were each sponsored N$20 000 to kick start their business. The business owners were also offered mentorship by the Namibian Business Innovation Institute of NUST for the period of 9 months in 2015.

“In such an ever changing and costly world that we live in today, our resources will resources will allow our participants realize the potential of their own destiny. Funds will never be enough but development comes in its richest from of resources. Not everyone may be successful at running their own business but many at times, we are scared to take that first step of being an entrepreneur,” Sanlam Group CEO, Tertius Stears said.

The top 6 teams for 2016 are Sun Cycle Namibia, Nena Marketing and I.T, Pet Care Namibia, Excel Data Collection Service, NNW Consultancy and Green Earth Creation. All selected businesses have been in operation for less than a year. Call for entries for 2017 will be done towards the end of the this year.