Where is Stardust?

After having blown the music industry away with their first album, their silence over the last few months has left many in the industry wondering if they were yet another fly by night duo that came to entice us with beautiful melodies only to leave us cold and lonely like an ex-lover.  
To rebuff those sentiments we sat down with award winning duo Stardust to discuss life after their historic win at the NAMAs 2015 and what the city of bright lights has taught them thus far.
 “Winning the NAMA Awards has really helped us gain recognition as the event was such a huge platform for us. We receive compliments and words of encouragement from people which is such a heart-warming feeling” said Stardust
Not just beauty the young ladies have brains too and are currently studying at The University of Namibia, with Muni following a degree in Arts for Advertising, while Breanna does psychology, while working on their music during weekends.
Upon being asked about when to expect their next album the ladies had this to say “Where’s the fun in telling? You’ll just have to wait and see.”
The city of bright lights has not disappointed the ladies in the slightest, it has lived up to their expectations “Windhoek has taught us to be independent and always work towards a goal. Windhoek has also shown growth when it comes to the artistic culture, which we are both intrigued by. Not to mention, the people we’ve met here make our journey worthwhile” said Stardust.
“We have achieved what we wanted to and we are yet to achieve more in the near future” said Muni.