Elemotho on Grace & Frankie

This week The Villager sat down with Elemotho to discuss family, mentoring artists in future and the recent announcement that he will have his music featured on Hollywood Netflix show Grace and Frankie.

Name: Richardo Gaalalekwe Elemotho Mosimane

Age: 38

Occupation: Musician

Relationship Status: in love with life

What projects are you currently working on?

I am busy with quite a lot right now. Off to Germany as a musical director for the Oshi-Deutsch theatre play, a play that will tell the story of the Namibian children that went to the GDR during the liberation struggle. I am at the same time going on tour with "The Afro-Acoustic Experience", performing in 8 Festivals during the German spring. I am also currently working in a new album.

Having performed on so many stages across the world, does it ever feel different when you come perform again on home ground?

It is always a pleasure to perform at home. I think it's important to have a home crowd, plus I love performing for my peeps.

What is it about your music that has made it so well received internationally?

I don't know, people seem to like the melodies and lyrics.

Have you changed your views on the institution of marriage?

No. I have not. Rituals should not be confused with plain truths, the heart cannot be put under a contract. The divorces rates right now are sky-high!

What advice do you have for young artists looking to become as successful as you?

Work hard, believe, have passion and trust all will be well. In the end, life is a lottery.

What has been your favourite performance thus far in your career?

This Easter Kuruman Kgalagadi Jazz Festival in South Africa, being able to interact with an audience of over 7,000 people in Setswana… Priceless!!!

What was the crowd’s reaction like to your performance at the Kgalagadi Jazz festival?

Ohh. I hope to be back. People were dancing and reacting like crazy…

What was your reaction to hearing your music would be featured on the Netflix series Grace and Frankie?

I cannot stop smiling. Opportunities like these are rare. Plus people will know my music in Hollywoo.PULA!

What inspires your music?

Everything. From the birth of both of my boys, problems or beautiful things in this life and world.

What’s the last book you read titled? What message did you get from it?

I am busy reading Hugh Masekela's autobiography. The dude has lived and still lives. Still touring and performing. It's never done!

Who would you like to collaborate with both locally and internationally?

I like working with people who inspire me. Not just vocalist, but also instrumentalists. I currently enjoy working with Sam Batola, guitarist and vocalist who will be joining me on the Germany Tour.

Your latest offering is titled “beautiful world”, do you still think the world is beautiful even with all the violence and poverty we face on a daily?

Yes I do. Because what the human mind and spirit is capable of is amazing. And we need positivity and more love in these dire times.

Looking at artists in the Namibian music industry who do you think has the potential to attain international recognition?

I love a lot of the new school singers/songwriters plus players of instruments. Keep it true, simple and original.

Whose music are you currently not getting enough of?

Anderson. Paak

­­What do you like doing on your time off?

Taking care of my kids, being with my family, and having lunch with my queen makes my day!

What do you love most about being a parent?

How true and real parenting is. The biggest lesson in life ever. Tiring, yes but nothing tops it!

Do you see yourself mentoring artists in future?

Let's see. Never say never said Justin Bieber (LOL).