Bass fishing tournaments hosted by the Namibia Bass Angling Association took place at Lake Oanob on Saturday last week, where 13 fishers participated.
These games were the 3rd annual Bank Windhoek bass fishing tournaments, who sponsored the event.
The event kicked off with a medal handover ceremony of the previous competition hosted in March 2016.
With much anticipation the competition kicked off at 07:00 with a noticeable change in season. Thirteen anglers had the opportunity to feel the effect of a bass biting on a hook. It turned out to be one of the toughest competitions ever hosted at Lake Oanob in the resent years. It took skill and patience for every angler to commit to the long competition hours without any action in the early morning.
In the past years the April/May tournaments were some of the most enjoyed ones as the bigger fish started to feed for the winter season approaching, but this year was a whole new set of rules – passion for the sport, commitment and durability played a role with every angler.
At the tournaments, 21 fish were caught by the participants namely; Jacques Swart, James Van Rooyen, JP Judeel, Alec Williams, Ricardo Abrantes, Anton de Wit, Reinhard Laggner, Thinus Williams, Nic Kruger, Andrew Hall, Jason Koudelka,