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Livestock Farmers Urged To Submit Their Drought Claims

Nghiinomenwa-vali Erastus
The Agriculture and Water Ministry is inviting all farmers who are affected by droughts
to submit their claims for funding assistance as they try to manoeuvre the harsh reality
of dry conditions.
The assistance for the farmers includes subsidies to transport their livestock to better
grazing areas, to auctions to buy fodder and other drought mitigation efforts.
The Ministry’s Executive Director Ndiyakupi Nghituwamata made the announcement
early this month.
"The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform (MAWLR) wishes to inform the
farmers and the public at large about the due date to submit the claims for the drought
mitigation measures for the extended drought relief programme," Nghituwamata said.
This is after Cabinet, at their 7th decision-making meeting for the year, agreed to extend
the Livestock Support Programme to drought stricken Kunene region and parts of
Erongo and Omusati regions.
Secondly to provide Livestock Support Programme To Drought Stricken Regions Of
Omaheke, Hardap And ||Kharas For Six Months From 1 July 2023 To 31 December
The announcement came at the time when the country's biggest agricultural lender,
Agribank, has highlighted April that the agriculture sector continues to be affected by
various factors, such as high input cost and little rainfall.
Agribank added that "growth stability can be achieved through early drought support,
diversification, and climate resilient measures."
According to the Agriculture Ministry's spokesperson, Juna Musheko, the government
does come through to assist farmers to transport their livestock to areas with better
grazing, especially those who do not have the transport means.
The same assistance can also be extended to those that want to buy fodder for their
animals or to transport their stock to auctions as they de-stock.
Musheko said the assistance is extended in drought periods as the farmers need to act
urgently either to move their animals, get fodder or supplements, as well as for des-
"We are encouraging them to de-stock now and if they are not selling then they should
find better grazing areas," ke said.
Government will support them partly on any decision they take as they manoeuvre the
drought conditions.

Farmers should take note that only claims for transactions done from 1 July 2023 until
31 December 2023 will be considered, and those that were not submitted before will not
be accepted, the government stated in the notice.
The interventions include livestock marketing incentives, subsidy for transportation of
livestock to and from grazing areas, and subsidy for lease of grazing.
The livestock farmers are also told that all the claims must be legitimate and
accompanied by all the mandatory supporting documents required.
The mandatory supporting documents include certified copies of identity documents,
fanmeat card, bank confirmation letter of applicant, animal movement permits, latest
herd statements and proof of transactions.
Those who are going to move their animals to better grazing areas are expected to
submit a lease agreement for lease of grazing and transport, as well as the confirmation
letter from the appropriate (respective) traditional authority where necessary.
In addition, farmers should take note that bank confirmation letters and proof of
transactions must be in the name of the applicant.
Agribank analysis for April 2023 has shown that the inconsistent rainfall, which resulted
in vegetation degradation between March to April 2023, has prompted farmers to sell
some of their livestock to avoid stock loss due to drought.
According to Meat Board Namibia, live exports and slaughter numbers are expected to
continue on an upward trajectory, which is affecting prices to the downside. Email:

Nghiinomenwa-vali Erastus

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